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First Feature

We used our post-election anger to transform Verbatm. Now more than ever we need to be supporting the arts and the voice of the youth. This first feature is a taste of how much we have to say as artists and as young people of color. This is the beginning of a multimedia digital platform dedicated to the stories that matter.

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Verbatm is a platform and set of creation tools for digital magazines. We help magazines make interactive and beautiful multimedia articles, to better engage their dedicated readers and new millennial audiences on mobile.

The Team


Aishwarya Vardhana

Founder & CEO

Aishwarya is a UI/UX designer who studied human centered design thinking at the Stanford She is a visual artist, writer, singer and strives to design products that solve real problems.


Sierra Kaplan-Nelson

Founder & CTO

Sierra is pursuing a degree in Computer Science from Stanford with a concentration in Systems and mobile engineering. She is passionate about diversity in tech and solving old problems creatively with new technology.


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